Dr. Buehler is a native of Reno, Nevada where he
grew up playing soccer, skiing, waterskiing, and
enjoying the outdoors.  From a young age he knew
he wanted to be a dentist, just like his father.  He
attended the University of San Francisco and
received a Bachelors of Science in 1992. In 1996, Dr.
Buehler graduated from the University of Southern
California (Fight On Trojans!) with his DDS and
found his new home in Susanville working for
Northeastern Rural Health Clinics.  He served the
clinic for 12 years before deciding it was finally time
to venture out on his own.  

Dr. Buehler established his new practice in 2010 and
has been enjoying the challenges of private practice
ever since.  Well known as a dentist with a gift for
treating children, difficult patients, and people with a
fear of the dentist, Dr. Buehler is able to set most
patients at ease with his gentle touch and excellent
clinical skills.

Dr. Buehler was joined in Susanville by his wife,
Camille,  in 1999, who was completing graduate
school in Colorado.  They have three beautiful
children together that keep he and his wife busy
outside of the office.  Dr. Buehler's favorite place to
be in his down time is either messing around with his
kids in the back yard or riding his mountain bike in
the Susanville Ranch Park.  Dr. Buehler is an avid
mountain biker, skier, and general outdoorsman.  He
always has an adventure he can tell you about at
your next visit!